Naturalization demands range from nation to nation, but generally speaking consist of:

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  • Passing a language exam
  • Moving a test of governmental, historic, and social knowledge
  • Keeping a legitimate visa or residency permit (usually a permanent resident document) during the time of application
  • Having a clean record that is criminal
  • Using an oath of citizenship (showing dedication to your used country)
  • Renouncing previous citizenship(s), unless your used nation acknowledges citizenship that is dual naturalized citizenship

Double Citizenship

Many nations, including most developed nations, recognize twin citizenship (also referred to as double nationality) for naturalized residents. You don’t necessarily have to renounce your American citizenship, as is generally the case when you obtain citizenship in a country that doesn’t recognize dual citizenship if you obtain citizenship in one of these countries. Notable countries which do not recognize double citizenship for naturalized residents consist of Germany, Austria, holland, Japan, Norway, and Singapore.

As being a citizen that is dual of U.S. and another country, it is possible to carry passports from both nations, enjoying most of the liberties and privileges afforded to single-nationality residents. Needless to say, you will need to comply with each country’s regulations and responsibilities, including (in some situations) compulsory army conscription or general public solution. Unlike the usa, some nations require young adults to become listed on the armed forces after senior high school or take part in an comparable solution program for a collection time period. Continue reading

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