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Rating=8,9 of 10
Director=Christopher Nolan

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A Nolan-Zimmer love-child movie with near perfect execution and a bit of confusing pacing. The film is strong in most areas including the cast, McConaughey does an excellent job at keeping the plot in perspective and introducing the other characters, Nolan does a great job of projecting the personalities of the important roles and developing their personalities. The movie is definitely an eye-full for the audience, with the lengthy transitions/cuts of jaw dropping views. If I had to have one concern it would be that at one point the film has announced itself as a seemingly realistic/dystopian world, this progresses and contributes to the plot until. Oh wait. He’s a ghost in a time traveling black hole, defying every sense of the word physics…

This movie is amazing. Sound effects. Realistic feeling throughout the movie. It makes you feel like you are with them. I don’t think there has been a space movie this good. I am totally effected by this movie. Christopher Nolan really did a great job. I think the most important part is that CGI was used very few spite the fact that it is almost a 3 hour movie, the time just passes really quick. Wish it never ended.

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Take the nonsense of Inception, multiply by about 1000, add some soap opera moments and you get Interstellar. I don’t have to check the spoiler box because there is nothing to spoil, or, rather, there is spoil. But there isn’t time enough to call out the instances of bad dialog, poor acting, lousy hair jobs, words strung together that sound interesting but mean nothing, contradictions galore, real black holes (aka plot holes) one liners designed to emotionally hook the audience ’cause there ain’t no substance, visuals to distract ’cause there ain’t no substance, deus ex machinas as needed (and they are too frequently needed) etc. and so on, oh, did I mention bad evil mixing. And for those of you whiners about «hate» no, this isn’t about «hate» it’s about the lack of sound movie making. The only «sound» movie making principle followed get a hap hap happy Hollywood ending. In sum, a Shakespearean epitaph is appropriate: full of sound and fury signifying nothing. P.S. I did enjoy the music but, my bad, could’ve gotten that for a lot less investment of time and money.

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